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Webster and Bennett 72 E-V Series (7004-1)

Delivered New in April 1979. Chuck Dia. 60” fitted with 4 off independent jaw boxes. Maximum dia. turned for entire turret slide travel 84”. Turret slide travel 38”. Max height under elevating rail 48”. Max height under turret 59”. Table speeds 5 to 133rpm. Feeds 0.078mm to 3.75mm per revolution. Main Motor 75kw D.C Variable speed table drive. 5 station power operated N.C Type turret. 2 Axis Sony digital read out. Machine fitted with pendant option allowing following features to be controlled from there:- 1. 8 position joy stick to control X & Z axes (cross and turret slide) and their rapid traverses. 2. Axis feed rate selection. 3. Creep feed rate control pot. 4. Turret face selection and index control. 5. High/Low Gear selection. 6. Variable table speed control pot. 7. Elevating Rail unclamp/clamp Raise and Lower. 8. Ammeter to show main meter current. 9. Emergency Stop button. Additional machine specification:- 1. Cross slide and Turret slide are hardened ways. 2. Horizontal and vertical lead screws are hardened. 3. Jaw screws are hardened and ground. 4. Scales and machine dials are metric. 5. Power unclamping and clamping to the elevation rail. 6. Tray type coolant tray 7. Fully enclosed interlocked machine guards.